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E-mail      Last modified - Mar 21, 2005


  1. Is it possible to use the program in conditions of high requirements to information safety?

    To provide for information safety, I use only licensed components in the entire development process of CreateSFX - Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and MsCab 0.63. The latter is open-source product, so you can download it and check if it met to your safety requirements. Original source code of CreateSFX is also available for free download.

    Other question consists in conformity of the program to the requirements of class of safety C2. Formal certification of the program was not carried out, but if you are satisfied with informal assurances - for conformity to the requirements of C2 it is enough to forbid writing to executable file CreateSFX.exe, which is located in SendTo folder.

  2. How secure is encryption?

    CreateSFX uses Microsoft Cryptographic API, which provides for high level of information security. But you must take in account that CreateSFX is not full-functioned encryption program. It is an archiver which can encrypt content of files stored into archive, but does not encrypt file and folder names.

  3. Can I get source code of the program?

    Yes, download it here: CreateSFX 0.3 Source Code, CreateSFX 0.2 Source Code. To compile it you need MsCab 0.63 sources and Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 SP3 (or higher).

  4. Must I pay for the program?new

    No, you must not. The program is distributed for free to not limit a scope of its users. Instead of payment, I accept voluntary donations for development of the program. Amount is for choice of your own, for example, one dollar. I promise to direct funds entirely to development of CreateSFX. Donation of larger amount may be conditioned by implementation of additional functions by agreement.

  5. Why the installer open site "Priestt"?new

    Because dialog of the installer has marked checkbox "Open site after installing". Portal "Priestt" contains link to the home page of the program with this instructions and documentation.

  6. I can not see CreateSFX in Programs menu.

    It does not need be there. This program resides in SendTo context menu.

  7. I can not see CreateSFX.exe in SendTo menu.

    Please, repeat installation do not changing "Folder to install".

  8. Can not understand parameters in MsCab

    All you need to understand are parameters "Encrypt files" and "Volume size". The former is used for encryption of files in archive by password and the latter is used for creation of multi-volumes archive. Other parameters are technical, do not change them if you do not understand for what.

  9. Size of archive is greater then initial size of files.

    Please, use archiver for large amount of non-compressed data, definitely greater then 30K.

  10. Can I send SFX archive and/or InstallCreateSFX.exe by E-Mail?

    Definitely, yes! Sometimes, it may be necessary to wrap the archive in ZIP file because come organizations do not allow incoming executable files.

  11. I or my recipient can not start archive to unpack it.

    Make sure to unpack archive under 32-bit Microsoft Windows or its proper emulator. For example, Microsoft Windows 3.1 does not meet.

  12. How to uninstall CreateSFX.exe?

    - If program CreateSFX is running, close it with "x" button.
    - Run setup program InstallCreateSFX.exe.
    - Press Ctrl-Insert to copy full name of SendTo folder to Clipboard.
    - Press Cancel to close setup program.
    - Select Start-Run.
    - Press Shift-Insert to paste full name of SendTo folder from Clipboard.
    - Press OK to open SendTo folder.
    - Delete file CreateSFX.exe