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NetMap FAQ

  1. Is it possible to use the program in conditions of high requirements to information safety?

    To provide for information safety, I use only licensed components in the entire development process of NetMap (they are listed in the documentation). The preference is given to components with open source code, which can be checked. Therefore I can guarantee absence of "back doors" in entire initial code of the program; whereas cleanliness of the compiled code is a question of trust to Microsoft. It goes without saying, that the program was built on licensed operational system, was checked by a licensed antivirus, and was packed with CRC for transfer through a network.

    Other question consists in conformity of the program to the requirements of classes of safety C2 and B1. Formal certification of the program was not carried out; if you are satisfied with informal assurances - for conformity to the requirements of C2 it is enough to forbid writing to executable file NetMap.exe and to obey a restriction - do not start the program as a service, if any user with rights lower than administrator can log on locally. The requirements of B1 are carried out certainly, since NetMap does not hold open ports, and the code for processing of echo answer is checked against buffer overflow bugs.

  2. Does the program contain any ad-ware modules?new

    No, the program does not contain ad-ware or any other modules connecting to Internet without your explicit direction.

  3. Must I pay for the program?new

    No, you must not. The program is distributed for free to not limit a scope of its users. Instead of payment, I accept voluntary donations for development of the program. Amount is for choice of your own, for example, one dollar. I promise to direct funds entirely to development of CreateSFX. Donation of larger amount may be conditioned by implementation of additional functions by agreement.

  4. Can I get source code of the program?

    Yes, on a paid basis and with the license limiting its distribution.

  5. How can I load the program at startup only for selected user?

    Copy the program icon to "Startup" group instead of either using checkbox "Load at startup" or running as a service.

  6. On system startup the program ignores checkbox "Run minimized" and starts in window except of minimizing to the tray icon.

    Check if you do not run program twice. For example, you could add the program to "Startup" group while either using checkbox "Load at startup" or running the program as a service.

  7. The program in midnight does form the new .nmp file and does not keep the old one.

    If you wish the program to keep history in nmp files you must mark checkbox "Autosave every" and also type time interval in seconds. This checkbox also tells the program to save history on system soft restart/shutdown and also in midnight.

    If this checkbox is not set, the program keeps the history in memory and discards it in midnight and also on system restart/shutdown.

  8. Why color of the tray icon does not follow changes in ping indicators?

    Actually, color of the tray icon follows changes - but with some delay, determined by internal heuristic.

  9. How the program defines order of request? new

    By alphabet order of host names.

  10. Is it possible to send request to host out-of-order? new

    Yes, click on the host status indicator and next request will be sent to this host.

  11. NetMap send requests to hosts not shown in the view list. Why? new

    NetMap does this in purpose to accumulate history if you'll decide to view it.

  12. How can I exclude host form requesting other then deleting it form the accumulated list? new

    To exclude host from requesting, append space-separated -x to its name.