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Mini shell for creation of extremely small self-extracting archives

Mini shell CreateSFX is based on codes of archiver MsCab 0.63 written by Mateusz Brzostek. The shell can create extremely small self-extracting archives by three mouse clicks. Compress ratio is up to 10x for folders with Microsoft Office documents. Files stored in archive can be protected by password. Archive can be spanned across several volumes.
On installation the program shows window with field "Folder to install", directing to folder "SendTo" - change nothing and click "Install". That's all, program is ready to work. Archive is created as the follows:
1. Point to either folder with files or separate file, press right mouse button.
2. Point to context menu item "SendTo", select in appeared pop-up menu item "CreateSFX.exe", press left mouse button.
3. Press "OK" in dialogue for selecting of options MsCab.
Then look in the current folder for executable file "folder or file name.exe". The file can be unpacked on any computer working under Microsoft Windows - just start it, press button "..." right to filed "Extract to", select folder to extract files, press OK and again OK.

Program is designed for work under Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/2003, currently is tested under Windows 95osr2/98/2000/XP/2003, unpacking is also tested under Windows NT4.
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Download: CreateSFX 0.3 beta free of Feb 28, 2005 (108 Kbytes)
CreateSFX 0.2 beta free of Jan 31, 2005 (108 Kbytes)
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