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Mini shell for creation of extremely small self-extracting archives
2004  Setup page for FAR manager, archivers and plugins (rus)
2002  Qscan - Quadlite IP scanner
2001  Fast exponent functions
2000  NetMap - program for supervision of IP network connections
1999  C++ class for integers of unlimited rangenew
1998  C++ template of dynamic arrays with automatic check of index
1998  GAPP simulation program
1996  Shell of modular program systems NESSI
1993  Program of computer demonstration DEMOSFEN
1991  Library EXBASE for applied programming on C/C++

Articles about computers (rus):
2022  Fault-tolerance RAID array consisting of disks Parallel ATA on motherboard ASUS P4C800 Deluxe (rus)new
2020  Exploring of fault tolerance on AMD Ryzen platform and motherboard ASUS Prime B450M-A version II (rus)
2018  Repairing of motherboard ASUS P9D-V after Windows update (rus)
2013  The story how one shouldn't cool 6 kernel AMD processor (rus)
2013  One year later: 8 AMD kernels on motherboard ASUS M5A88-V EVO (rus)
2013  Energy saving: 6 AMD kernels on motherboard Gigabyte MA770-UD3 (rus)
2012  Start up and overclock bulldozer on motherboard ASUS M5A88-V EVO (rus)
2012  Bulldozer on motherboard Gigabyte MA770T-UD3 (rus)
2010  Creating RAID array on motherboard ASUS M4A78-AM (rus)
2009  About effect of processor on performance of integrated graphic AMD 780G (rus)
2009  Experiments with fault-tolerancy and overclocking of Phenom II on motherboard ASUS M4A78-AM micro-ATX (rus)
2008  Your second computer - how to build small, silent and cheap PC (rus)
2006  Assembling and testing of fault-tolerant computer based on AMD K8 platform (rus)
2006  Calculations and miscalculations of billing system (rus)
2005  On assembling of fault-tolerant computing devices composed of general-purpose components (rus)
2005  Common sense against the Moore's Law (power consumption and cooling of modern computers, rus)
2004  On assembling of low-noise server composed of cheap components (rus)
2004  FAQ for budget modernization on an example of computers with vertical PSU (rus)
2003  Small, silent and cheap computer with an opportunity of overclocking (rus)

Reviews (rus):
2008  Glamour monitor from Samsung (rus)
2008  How to integrate Service Pack 3 into distribution pack of Windows XP by means of IsoBuster and ImgBurn (rus)
2007  Case AOpen G325, or micro-ATX in a brick (rus)
2007  How to integrate Service Pack 2 into distribution pack of Windows 2003/XP by means of IsoBuster and ImgBurn (rus)
2007  Processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Brisbane - new hero of overclocking? (rus)
2006  Motherboard ASUS M2NPV-VM micro-ATX - nevertheless, it can be overclocked! (rus)
2006  Case Foxconn TLM-454 micro-ATX, or three spoons of tar in a jar of honey (rus)
2006  Portable DVD players with TV tuner Sitronics and Shinco (rus)
2006  Simple programs for DVD video compression (rus)
2006  Codecs and programs for playing DVD on computer (rus)
2006  Experience in use of free programs for DVD Burning (rus)
2005  Small and musical CD-players Panasonic (rus)
2005  On choice of digital dictaphone (rus)
2004  Testing of cooler ASUS Neptune (rus)
2003  Subjective note how to not be wrong at choice of a monitor (rus)

Notes (rus):
2006  Queues and bank "Russian Standard" (rus)
2006  Praise on state motor licensing and inspection department (rus)

Kate Gregory. Using Visual C++ 6.
Bjarne Stroustrup: C++
The programmer's library (
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CGI developer's guide by Eugene Eric Kim Rus translation (in work)
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