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NetMap - program for supervision of IP network connections

Program NetMap watches hosts to be accessible via protocol ICMP. For this purpose the program periodically sends requests, completely similar to requests of program ping and checks for replies, which indicates activity of hosts and proper functioning of network connections. By default, program sends requests each 6 sec and waits for reply 4 sec. If necessary, these intervals can be adjusted in the range from 100 mls to 10 min.

Softpile Most Popular Program looks for hosts to which the requests are sent, within a given list in a cyclic order. The list can contain a plenty of hosts (more than one hundred), whereas the main window of the program allows to select for observation up to seventy of them depending on size of the program window. Received replies are accumulated in the daily protocol, which can be viewed as graphic report, printed and kept in a file for the archiving purposes. The protocol has per minute resolution. If some host does not reply to repeated requests, NetMap can invoke external batch file to provide for a variety of custom actions, including logging and sending mail.

If necessary, one can adjust NetMap to load at startup and to work in automatic mode. NetMap can work as a service. For minimal loading of CPU the program can be minimized to a tray icon. Tray icon indicates state of the most problem host, determined thereby analysis of its latest replies.

NetMap is designed for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista (32/64-bit), Windows 7.7000 and Wine.
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Download: NetMap 1.0.12 public of Dec 27, 2008 with Blat mailer update of Jan 17, 2009
BUG DISCOVERED in Blat 2.5.0, replace it by either installing updated NetMap package or unpacking the following zip file:
NetMap is localized to English, Russian and Ukrainian (Ivan S. Zamaltynov). Please, tell me if you want to translate interface of NetMap to your native language! I consider translation as a voluntary donation for development of program, so in forthcoming future you will get NetMap 1.1 Professional with port watching free of charge.
The preceding version:  NetMap 1.0.11 public of May 28, 2008
The preceding beta versions:  NetMap 1.0.10 beta public of Dec 12, 2007  NetMap 1.0.9 beta public of July 20, 2006
Archived beta versions (not for Vista):  NetMap 1.0.8 beta public of Mar 29, 2005  NetMap 1.0.7 beta public of Apr 7, 2004
Donations: You must not pay for program NetMap. If you have decided to support its development - just transfer funds to one of the following WebMoney purses: R717244026810, Z995907015597, E482829916444. Amount is for choice of your own. Please, show purpose of transfer as "NetMap". The transfer is accepted as voluntary donation, funds of which are directed to development of NetMap. Donation may be conditioned by implementation of additional functions by agreement.
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