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C++ class for integers of unlimited range

C++ class  cBigNumber  implements integers of unlimited range with excellent performance and trustworthiness.
The class provides for all regular operations of language C++, including arithmetic, logic and bitwise operations, operations of comparison, shift operations, and also stream input-output with all of integer modifiers. Extra functions - power, power by module, square root and Miller strong probable primality test.
The class uses fast algorithms, such as the binary exponentiation, optimized for numbers containing up to 100,000 and more bits. More large numbers can also be used; the exponentiation tests were carried out for numbers containing up to 12,000,000 bits.

The class has reenterable code to support development of multithreaded applications.
Test environments: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, 2002-2022, Borland C++ 3.1 (16 bit), 4.5, Builder 1.0, GNU g++ 2.9.6, 3.3.3 (ARM), 4.1.2, 4.2.3, 6.4.0, 9.4.0, Clang++ 4.0.0, 10.0.0.
Performance of the class
The programmer's manual and change listnew

Version 2.2 beta public candidate of Jan 26, 2024new (10 more times faster division and binary exponentiation)
Version 2.1c public update of Oct 29, 2023new (C++ 11 and clang compatibility)
Version 2.1c public of Nov 17, 2017, documentation updated Oct 23, 2022 (optimized division by 64/128 bit divider)
Version 2.1b beta public of Sep 10, 2017, documentation updated Nov 10, 2017 (optimized division by 64/128 bit divider)
Version 2.1a beta public of Jun 27, 2017 (optimized division by 32/64 bit divider)
Version 2.1 beta public of Dec 28, 2016 (fast intrinsic-based multiplication and operations with 64 bit divider/module)
Version 2.0a public of Jul 29, 2016 (asm code with MULX instruction)
Version 2.0 public of Nov 20, 2010, documentation updated Jan 16, 2015 (64 bit C/asm code for Visual C++/g++)
32-bit versions:  1.2c public of Mar 30, 2011 (reenterable)  1.2b public of Nov 19, 2009, updated Nov 20, 2010 (g++)
32-bit beta beta versions:  1.2a beta public of Sep 22, 2007  1.2 beta public of Jun 15, 2007  1.1a beta public of Nov 26, 2005
Assembler add-on for Visual/Borland C++ and g++ with faster multiplication and division is available by request.
Donations: You must not pay for class cBigNumber. If you have decided to support its development - contact me. Amount is for choice of your own. The transfer is accepted as voluntary donation, funds of which are directed to development and testing of the class. Donation may be conditioned by implementation of additional functions by agreement.
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